B-Fabric Download Helper

This is a helper program to download B-Fabric resources.



Due to newer security settings in webbrowser and Java it gets more and more difficult to run the B-Fabric Download Manager.

If you are on Windwos 64bit operating system, this helper program can be used.

First download the helper program by clicking on the above link and store it somewhere.

Now click on the download icon in B-Fabric and save the file with the fileending ".jnlp"

Start the "BFabricDownload_AMD64.exe" with a doubleclick as usual.
On Windows 11 you need to allow the application to run.

After some seconds a Window will be shown asking for the file with the ending ".jnlp". This is the one you downloaded from B-Fabric. Browse to the location you saved it, select it and click on "Open".

A few seconds later the Java B-Fabric Download Manager will start and Download the Resources from FGCZ Storage to your local disk.

For your convenience it is possible to select multiple JNLP-files at once to download all of them one by one.


If you detect a bug, please report to FGCZ Support


Version 2024.01.30.0

Version 2023.09.04.0